Engineering Class Visits Columbia ROAR Lab

On 10/31 a group of 15 Class XII girls in Engineering visited Columbia University’s ROAR (Robots and Rehabilitation) Labs. This is an interdisciplinary program in rehabilitation robotics involving faculty from School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and College of Physician and Surgeons at Columbia University.

During their visit, Marymount students met with five female Ph.D students to hear not only about their research but also about their career path and interest in engineering. We left the labs energized and inspired. One of the research projects in the lab, may use some of our students as research subjects for a spine brace to collect data on force and angle measurements. Details to come!

Lastly, one of the Ph.D candidates we met commented that our girls were “really engaged and inquisitive” so all in all an excellent experience!

For more information on the ROAR Lab:​

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