Class VIII Values Electric Quilt

In Class VIII Science class, students learned about some of the fundamental concepts around electricity and magnetism. They learned about voltage, current, and resistance, as well as the difference between a series and parallel circuit. To help solidify their understanding, they created their own parallel circuits using copper tape, LEDs, and batteries. In Technology class, each student soldered their circuit on a 4” square of cardboard. In Art class, they designed a piece of translucent art that illustrated something that they value. Then, using screws and 3D printed spacers, they mounted their circuits so that they illuminated their artwork. Each square can be powered by a coin cell battery. However, they also included two fasteners that allow the squares to plug into a larger grid so that they can share a power supply. This “quilt” of unique illuminated artworks that share a power supply is meant to symbolize the school goal for the year, “Unity through diversity”. The completed quilt of 60 squares will remain on display in the Class VIII data lounge until the end of the year when students can take them home.

Click here to see a photo album of the process.

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